Today I ventured out to Bestansur to see the progress Rashed has been making on his home.

When I got to the village, I was greeted by everyone. Rashed was very excited for me to see his home so we went there first. WOW, I was so moved when I walked up and saw the home that used to be just a shell now complete with windows, doors, electricity and interior finishes! At this exact moment it hit me that what we were doing was really making a difference. Rashed and his family toured me through the home, asking how I liked every detail — down to the tile and door handles! They were so thrilled to show me through their new home, and I was thrilled to have a part in helping them complete it.


Most of the interior is complete. There are still small things to be done like the ceiling, lighting fixtures, flooring and tile. With the first $3,000 EFI gave him, Rashed was able to buy everything for the interior of his home. The idea was to complete the inside, which would allow the family to move into the home. Rashed could them complete the outside as he has time — once EFI raises the remaining $2,000. He could not stop thanking me for how EFI has made such a difference in their lives. I felt honored to represent all of you who have made this home loan possible.

The building project was a family affair. The entire Mahmoud family was there; even the women! Rashed’s wife and daughter were helping to keep the concrete wet by adding water and mixing it. The boys were outside building their own homes in the dirt, just like their father! It was so great to see the family unity as they worked on this project together. I could tell just how much this house meant to every member of the family.


We then went to Rashed’s brother’s home for a meal. Many guys from the village came to visit while we were eating. It was really great to spend this time with Rashed and his family. The village is a close-knit community and I feel privileged to be a part of that. Rashed asked me to thank each one of you, as well, for making this all possible. It was amazing to me to see first-hand how lives can be changed with a little generosity and compassion. Thank you all for being a part of this!



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