Are you looking for ways to help rebuild Iraq homes?  Our organization, Extended Family International (EFI,) is a not for profit association that currently works with various families in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to build adequate shelter for needy Iraqis.  This is one of the main regions where Saddam’s regime originally attacked people in various villages and drove them out of their homes.  Many were robbed of everything they owned, forced out and killed by gassings, or required to enter camps that were many times a death sentence.

These Iraqi families are hard working and resourceful people, but they do not have the finances necessary to purchase materials to build their homes and get a fresh start.  As a microfinancing company, our goal is to help raise and provide loans at no interest for those who need it most.  The families that we support typically live in extremely small 1 or 2 room houses with 4 or more family members.  A lot of them are paying high fees for rent or are forced to share housing with other family, leaving these people in very crammed and typically unsafe conditions.

Other homes in Iraq may have the shell completed, which typically leaves families with no doors or windows and possibly even a leaking roof.  If you look at our “Families” tab above, you can start to learn more about the personal journeys of each Iraqi family and how they are overcoming these obstacles to finally have a safe place they can call home.

For example, at the writing of this article, we are finishing up a loan to assist the Khader family with finishing their shell of a home within the near future.  With almost no hope of being able to rebuild the structure before winter, supporters of EFI were able to help this family raise the funds necessary to put on some doors and windows to protect them from extreme cold.  Now that spring is quickly approaching, this family will be fully funded to finish their reconstruction and have hope for the future!

Learn more about how you can help rebuild Iraq homes by clicking the various other tabs above.  Our goal is to pass along the vision to you in order that you can learn more about this great need and how you can be a part of our mission.  We consider you to be a part of our Extended Family.  Thanks for stopping by!


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