Extended Family International (EFI) is an Iraq charity focused on helping low income families living in substandard conditions to either rebuild or restore their homes for more adequate shelter.  The idea was originally inspired by Founder & President, Bruce Burchfield, while he was working in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and began interacting with many of the local villagers.  This is when he first began to realize the desperate need many of these families had and that he had a gift and passion to help.

EFI has a goal of eventually reaching out to other areas of Iraq as well as internationally.  However, for the initial stages, the Board feels that focusing on the Kurdistan region and streamlining business processes is the best way to allocate resources first.  Additionally the need within the area of Iraq is very great, as many portions of the country have been demolished by Saddam’s regime in the past.  For those looking to support charities in Iraq, EFI offers one of the best ways for an individual to get involved with families in need and witness the process of building the home from start to finish.

At the writing of this article, the organization is raising the final funds necessary to provide for their 5th and 6th partner families.  Bruce Burchfield will be traveling back to Iraq in March to meet with these individuals to distribute loans as well as uncover new opportunities for other families in need in the area.  Burchfield has had the fortunate opportunity to meet many great contacts who have been able to help direct him to families that qualify for the program.  The Board will vote on and choose the applications that he brings back from Kurdistan based on various criteria, and then a new partner family is chosen.

This year proves to be a very promising one for EFI, as support is at an all time high and the word continues to spread among many looking to support Iraqi charities.  We encourage you to learn more about our organization by checking out the other links on our site and to see how you can become involved.  EFI is always looking for people who have a heart for helping Iraq to share the vision with others.  As of now, most of the funds raised by the organization have come by word of mouth from individuals looking to make a difference just like you.  Thanks for your consideration and interest in EFI!


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