There may be various ways that you can offer Iraq aid, but at Extended Family International (EFI), we believe that real change starts with one individual at a time, one family at a time.  You are probably already aware of the many challenges and difficulties Iraqis have faced over the past 10-15 years.  Sadly, during Saddam’s previous leadership, many families were stripped of everything they ever owned and were forced to live in extremely undesirable circumstances.  Those who lived through the hardships of this time were left with little or nothing to start over with, and now must rely on provisions from the government or other close family members to get by.

Our vision is to provide each partner family we support with the finances necessary to reconstruct their homes by providing up to $5,000 worth of microloans per family.   Although this amount may increase over time, we feel this gives us the capability to most effectively help as many families as possible.  US aid in Iraq can go a long way in helping to turn their lives around.

For example, the Sadiks were a family of 7 who only needed $5,000 to finish the inside of their home, which helped to alleviate the high cost of rent and provide more room to live.  With very limited space, leaking walls and a collapsing roof overhead them, this small amount of money helped to provide materials such as block walls, electric supplies, doors, stucco, tile and bathroom supplies.

Our microfinance program is set up so that as each family repays their loan over time, the funds are then cycled back into the form of a new loan for future partner families to use on their homes.  Therefore, as our support levels continue to rise, we will be able to provide larger loans as well as offer help to more families in shorter periods of time.  There is really no limit to the difference we can make in helping to aid Iraq families.

Therefore, we encourage you to take the time to learn more about EFI, and what our organization stands for.  If you have a heart for helping families in need and want to be a part of this great humanitarian effort, please consider how you can contribute as a part of our Extended Family!


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