Helping Iraq starts with focusing on the needy.  These are the lives and stories of people you may not typically hear about, but many families in Iraq are in desperate need of your help.  Extended Family International (EFI) offers hope to the poor.  Due to bombings, wars and cruel leadership over the past 20 years, many families have been left with very little money or opportunity to rebuild their lives and homes.  EFI’s purpose is to help needy Iraqi families rebuild safe and adequate shelters with no interest loans that are paid back in a fairly short period.  Each situation is slightly different, but most families have parents that are both working full time jobs and just need a little extra assistance to complete their homes.

Family members and close friends typically live together within the same villages and offer each other the help and support to reconstruct their homes, so we focus on helping Iraqi families with purchasing the necessary parts and equipment to complete each project.  Jobs are overseen by a field partner from start to finish, and as loans are paid back by each partner family, the funds are then recycled into the form of new loans for others in need.  This is one of the best ways to offer Iraq relief and the help they need to start anew.

Within about a year and a half, EFI has helped raise well over $20,000 for 6 partner families.  This has all been mainly accomplished by obtaining funds from our private donors who bought into the vision of our organization and believe that they can make a lasting impact.  We rely on building relationships with people just like you; people who want to be part of a cause greater than themselves and offer ongoing support to needy Iraqi families.  Eventually our goal is to even send people to visit these villages and help with the construction process.  We are all about building relationships; or as we like to put it, our “Extended Family.”

Want to learn more about how you can help Iraqis restore their lives and future?  Please take your time visiting out site and feel free to contact us with your questions and feedback.  We would love to hear from you as we continue to build partnerships with people who want to make a real difference in Iraq!


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