I was invited back to Bestansur by the Mahmoud family to have dinner with them. They wanted to make sure I was there to be a part of the first meal in their new home! I called my friends Mark and Kirsten, who had their cousin Mark visiting from Boston, and we all jumped in the car for Bestansur. When we got there we were greeted by the usual welcoming committee. As we pulled up to the Mahmouds’ house, the family was standing proudly in front of their new home waiting to welcome us into the place they worked so hard to complete. What a privilege for EFI to have a small part in helping them complete this home.

They could not wait to usher us into their new guest room, where we sat and drank juice and ate sweets. Every wall had a fresh coat of paint — of course, VERY bright colors! The guest room (which also will serve as their main gathering room) was a bright lime green and had such a warm feel to it. Each member of the family had huge smiles on their faces — many times just staring at us and smiling. It was a true joy to see the happiness this new home has brought them.


The kids were quick to show us their own sleeping room (the three kids will share this room). And you can imagine how happy Rashed and his wife were to have their own sleeping room after 13 years of sharing one with the kids!

We then took a walk to the property where the old house existed. It was really emotional for Rashed to see his first family home now empty — a dream he has had for 10 years! As he walked through the home he was still pointing out the problems with living there. It was so great to know that we helped him move out of this inadequate home and into a new functional home with his family.


We then walked back to the Mahmouds’ new home for the very first dinner in the newly completed interior. After dinner, we sat around eating nuts and practicing our Kurdish language skills (which for me, are VERY limited!). We had a lot of fun talking with the kids and looking through their primary school books (not quite our level, yet!).

It truly was an amazing experience to be able to sit in the home that would have taken Rashed four more years to complete without EFI’s help. And now it is now almost finished! I have to thank you, our supporters, for making this all possible. With your contributions, we were able to help the Mahmoud family and hope to help many other families in need. Thank you for being a part of our work!



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    Bestansury Gawra

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