The Khader Family

The Khaders are requesting a $5,000 loan to complete their new home. Their previous mud-brick home was deteriorated to the point where they were forced to tear it down and begin to build a more stable concrete-block home in its place. Unfortunately, the family ran out of money halfway through the construction project, and is currently living in the half-complete home with a dirt floor, no windows, and a makeshift front door. EFI was able to forward $1,000 to the family to help them install three windows, a front door, and purchase two heaters to make it through the winter season. We are committed to raising the remaining $4,000 needed to help the Khader family complete their new home.


The Abdullah Family

Mr. Abdullah wants nothing more than to provide for his family of five, to the point where he recently left the job he loved, working as a tailor, to take a government position that paid more so that he could afford to build a more sufficient home for his family. The shell of the new home is complete, but the family ran out of money in the midst of the construction process. They are requesting a $5,000 loan to purchase windows, floor & ceiling tiles, stucco, and materials to build a kitchen. The family hopes to finish the new home as soon as possible in order to save money by moving out of the home they are currently renting.


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