As I enter back into America it’s never easy – looking around and seeing the great things we so often take for granted. This past trip back to Iraq really made me appreciate just how fortunate we are to live in safety and peace. Iraq is such an unstable place and within a matter of hours the entire security situation can change. This last trip we saw that first hand. As we planned for our trip we were hearing conflicting reports of the security situation – some said it was improving; others said it was deteriorating. We put it all in God’s hands, packed our bags, and headed for the airport.

When we landed in Northern Iraq we could see that the later report was true! An attack on one of the major governmental buildings just took place in the city we were scheduled to visit. Many were killed, and there was increased reports of suicide bombings on the news. And to think this had become normal life for so many in this war-torn country!

In the following days as we traveled around, we saw all around us families who were just trying to live there lives and provide for their loved ones in the midst of this senseless violence. They don’t want war, strife, and conflict; they only want¬† safety and security to return to their country and the ability to rebuild their lives. It was a great reminder that even in this turmoil many are persevering. We met two new partner families who were so thankful for the chance to partner with EFI to rebuild their homes. This is why we do, what we do… thanks to all of you who are a part of that! This last trip was confirmation to me that Iraq as a country can only be rebuilt in one way, and that’s one family at a time.


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