This past month I visited 5 of our existing partner families to see the progress on their homes and collect their six month repayment. Every family was able to make their payment on time and updated me on their current situation. I was shown around the completed homes by each family with much pride and a deep sense of accomplishment. They were so proud that this was their very own house that they worked so hard to finish. I could see the joy on the children’s faces as well as they were so happy to show me their new living space & play areas.



I was also able to visit a new family to assess their current situation. Through the site visit and interview we found they were a perfect fit for our future partner family. They are currently living in an incomplete house shell, but with the $5,000 loan from EFI they hope to bring their home to completion as soon as possible. Please read there full story here and consider donating to their loan.



It was great to see the recycled loan process working in full swing. Now will 6 partner families, every six month collection period a new family in need will receive a $5,000 loan to finish their home! We continue to receive donations so we can help as many families as possible obtain adequate shelter. We sincerely thank you for your help in this process.


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