I recently made the voyage back to Bestansur to visit the Mahmouds. What a transformation! The walls were painted, the carpets were installed and the house had become a home for our first partner family. As you can see, much of the outside is completed, as well.

As usual, the Mahmouds were more than hospitable and were so happy to have me as their guest so they could show me what they did with their home since the last time I was there. We got caught up over tea before they served an amazing meal of lemon chicken and rice and squash soup. It was truly like visiting with family as they welcomed me into their home with bright eyes and warm handshakes.

There is still some work to be done outside of the home, including installing stucco and pavement on the walkway. Rashed plans to complete this work during the spring months when the weather is nicer. But outside a garden is already planted so they can grow fresh vegetables to feed their family. And Rashed also is in the process of building a cold cellar to store food for the winter months. So much is being accomplished with the money so generously donated to this cause!

This most recent visit also marked the due date of the Mahmouds first loan payment, which was paid in full. We will be able to recycle the funds back into our organization so that other families in this region can be helped with their homes, as well. Rashed is very excited to pay off this loan and even asked if he could make larger payments than necessary in the future. Most touching was how the family could not stop thanking us for the help they received from EFI.

As I left the Mahmouds’ home that day, I couldn’t help but feel comforted knowing the changes that had taken inside the hearts and minds of these individuals. As I’m sure you can see from the genuine smiles on their faces and the warmth in their eyes, this new home has done much more than simply give them a place to live. It has given them a place to thrive and truly be alive. Myself and the rest of the EFI team cannot thank you all enough for being a part of this transformation.



One Response to Mahmouds: 2nd visit to the new home

  1. rengin says:

    home sweet home!
    thats my sweet village i love it thank u sir for this

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