Bruce Burchfield – President and Founder


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Bruce is the founder of Extended Family International. He’s become a bit of a world traveler over the years, which is how he found himself in northern Iraq near the end of 2008 with a notion to help families rebuild their lives and their homes. EFI was born out of the need he recognized in this region. His background is versed in architecture and housing-related nonprofit work. Bruce splits his time between the U.S. and Iraq, where he selects our partner families and manages EFI’s work.


Arif Hasanbhai – Director of Public Relations


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Arif is no stranger to the various cultures of the world, having lived in three countries spanning two continents. His firsthand experience witnessing the disparities of living conditions throughout the world brought him to EFI’s doorstep. His background in architecture is a perfect match for the needs of our partner families.




Adam Brackbill – Director of Marketing


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Adam is the founder of Startup, Render Innovations, and Urban Churn. He applies his business knowledge to EFI through his marketing and business development skills. Adam focuses on how the nonprofit can grow and transform to help many more families around the globe.





Jeff Logue – Director of Operations


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Jeff is a dedicated believer, husband, and father of 2. He is honored to be part of a great organization that is passionate about helping others to fulfill their dreams and provide safe shelter for their families. Jeff loves small business and is a co-founder of 2 start-ups. His hobbies include travel, reading, sports, and eating amazing food.




Goran Qadr – Kurdistan Field Partner

Goran has been part of EFI since its humble beginning in a village in Kurdistan, Iraq. It was in Goran’s village where the idea for EFI was first formed. He has recently graduated and holds a degree from the English department at Sulimani University. He serves with EFI as our local field partner & translator.






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