The Right Kind of Cordless Leaf Blower for you

The best cordless leaf blower for you might be different from what’s the best for someone else. It depends on the use you’ll put it to. Whether you’ll use it for cleaning huge amounts of leaves and debris, or for clearing up small clutters, garage spaces, workspace and such. The price also differs depending upon what the leaf blower can do.

Various models of cordless leaf blowers are also available like handheld, wheeled, and backpack. The latter two are usually powered by gas, and the former has a provision of slinging it around your back because it is too heavy to be handheld.

Then come the ones that can do a lot more than just clear out leaves- vacuuming and mulching.

Cordless leaf blowers can either be battery-operated or run by gas. There are pros and cons to both.

Gas Operated Cordless Leaf Blowers


If you own a large lawn or yard and have a lot of trees, it would mean that you have to blow a lot of leaves around as well. That’s some heavy-duty work that requires more power than battery-operated leaf blowers can take. Gas operated ones are ideal for these purposes as they have more muscle and strength, and can move a large volume of leaves and debris.


The disadvantage of these kinds of gas-powered leaf blowers is that they are cumbersome and can’t be carried around by hand; they have to be carried as a backpack.

Another disadvantage of these gas blowers is that they emit thick grey smoke while operating, which can cause lung and other health problems.

Their cost price and cost of maintenance are also higher than most other battery-operated cordless leaf blowers because of the inevitable price of gas.

Battery Operated Cordless Leaf Blowers


Cordless leaf blowers require electricity like any other leaf blower, but they get this electricity from rechargeable batteries. They need to be charged every now and then, but while using them, you don’t need to keep any cords attached to electrical sockets, which is a huge plus as it expands the range and area of operation of the leaf blower.

They are not only cheaper than gas-operated cordless leaf blowers and easier to maintain but also a lot lighter than those who make them easier to carry by hand instead of using a backpack.


The disadvantage with these, though, is that they can’t take much load when it comes to cleaning. Large amounts of debris or leaves can be a tough job for these leaf blowers; they need to be given an easier task. Moreover, the battery loses its sway pretty easily and needs to be recharged if you’re trying to clean up something hefty with these blowers; hence, taking more time.

Cordless leaf blowers are the better choice between them and ones with a cord attached.

People that like things the traditional way would say that there’s no match of rechargeable battery-operated leaf blowers with the electrical ones with cord or gas-operated ones. However, that’s not the case. Battery operated cordless leaf blowers can come with a powerful battery that can take up greater than 400 CFMs. Gas-powered ones are better for use in stadiums or parks or houses with huge wooded areas and trees that have a large amount of debris to clean up. Most households, though, do not need that heavy-power a machine; a battery-operated leaf blower is enough for their daily cleanups and lawn maintenance needs.