Learn About Wood Lathe And Its Benefits

A wood lathe is a type of machine meant to design a piece of wood into the desired shape. It can be anything like a bowl, spindle, vase, or any decorative wood items. Lathes were available in the simplest form, since olden days during Egyptian times. These developed from a bow lathe to the complex machines that are used today.

Benefits Of Wood Lathe

The wood lathe is used to design carved wooden vessels. You can make implements which are created evenly and have fine finishing. This provides a unique appearance to the things which are made.

Know-How To Use A Wood Lathe?

You can make furniture components and beautiful wood projects with the help of the Best wood lathe. The machines differ in size from the small ones to large industrial-sized machines. But the basic elements remain the same. It is necessary to follow some instructions before you use this machine.

  • Selecting the one that is appropriate for your project.
  • Choose the lathe operation that you will start.
  • Select the right cutting tools for your task.
  • Know all the essential components of your lathe.
  • Read the important instructions before proceeding for the work and know all the safety instructions.

Best Wood Lathe 2020

A woodworking shop cannot exist without a wood lathe. The dream of making beautiful woodwork cannot be achieved without this tool. Buying the Best wood lathe is a challenging task because the market offers many choices to the buyers. Do a bit of research before you proceed to buy the same.

  1. JET JWL -1221 VS 12 inches By 21 inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe


  • The variable speed is 60 to 3600 RPM.
  • Well designed speed ranges.
  • Movement from forward to reverse is done smoothly.
  • The controls are located at a convenient location.
  1. Grizzly Industrial H8259-10- 10”x18” Benchtop Wood lathe


  • It has a heavy dust cast iron construction.
  • It has a sturdy built and is suitable for small woodturning projects.
  • Speed ranges from 826 to 3337 RPM; this helps to work on several different projects.
  • The wood lathe has adjustable leveling feet and tool rest. It provides comfort to the user.
  1. RIKON 70 -100 12 By 16 Inch Lathe


  • Enough scope to change the speed faster.
  • The mini lathe provides an opportunity to do more work with less space.
  • The unique feature is its 12 position index head for the correct pattern work.
  • It is a tool of convenience, and multiple extensions can be added.
  • The wood lathe is user-friendly.
  1. Delta Industrial 46-460 12 to ½ “ Variable Speed Midi Lathe


  • It can handle heavy-duty work easily.
  • Suitable for professional woodworkers.
  • It has a ball-bearing center, steel knockout bar, and onboard storage to provide easy access to the adjustment tools.
  • The machine provides variable speed for consistency.
  1. Powermatic 1352001 Model 3520B


  • It has a sliding headstock, variable speed controls, and a spindle lock.
  • An ideal choice for a novice and a professional.
  • The motor is powerful and is equipped with an inverter.
  • The motor can operate with a single-phase or three-phase input.
  • It is durable and provides resistance to vibration.

Thus The above mentioned are some of the best wood lathe, which can accomplish tasks with perfection. The details can be checked out on Amazon for these products.