What is Extended Family International (EFI) and what does it stand for?

EFI is a micro-finance non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of families residing in substandard housing around the world by providing no-interest micro loans to those in need, enabling them to obtain adequate shelter.


What is micro finance?

PBS.org defines micro-financing as “The provision of small loans (microcredit) to poor people to help them engage in productive activities or grow very small businesses. The term may also include a broader range of services, including credit, savings, and insurance.” –www.pbs.org/wgbh/rxforsurvival/glossary.html


What happens to my donation when it is repaid to EFI?

When this money is paid back to EFI, the money is put back into another family housing loan. This means that you are actually taking part in multiple loans when you loan to a family in need. As that original family pays back the loan, your money is being rolled into another loan. When this family pays back their loan, you money is then given in the form of another no-interest loan. Because of this, your donation has a great impact on many families in need.


Why doesn’t EFI charge interest on its loan?

We believe that everyone deserves access to a housing loan to improve their living condition. Because of religious restrictions or the ability to repay a loan with interest, many families are not able to take out a loan to improve their house. With our no-interest loans these families are able to borrow money from EFI to obtain adequate shelter.


If I fund a home loan, can I keep up on the family and the progress on their home?

Yes! We hope that you will continue to follow-up and support the family who you lent money to. Without you they would not be able to obtain this housing loan. We will also post updates, pictures, and family stories to the Web site to keep you connected to the partner family.


How do you select the partner families who are in need of a home loan?

We have field partners in each area of the world where we give housing loans. These field partners know their own culture well. The field partner selects the family in need of a home through an extensive interview process. They then distribute the home loan and oversee the construction of the home. They are also the ones who collect the repayment on the loan.


How does the money actually get to the partner family?

EFI wires money to a local field partner, who then oversees the distribution of the loan money. The field partner is also responsible for collecting the money from the partner family on the specific repayment dates.


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