The Salah Family


Loan Request: $5,000

Loan Use: completion of new home

Occupants in home: 2

Amount Raised: $5,000

Amount Needed: fully funded

Status: construction complete

Repayment period: 3 years (payoff: April 2016)



Family Story:

Sardar and his wife Ameena are from the Sulimani area and were renting a home for many years as they tried to increase their family. When they were forced to leave their existing rented house, they decided to use the money they had collected to begin a building project. They were able to complete the shell of the home, but ran out of money and were forced to move out of their rented property at the same time. They are now living in a shell of a home with plastic over the windows and doors. They have cardboard on the dirt floor and have temporarily moved their furniture into the crude, unfinished shell. They have run minimal electric but have no air conditioners or fans and the hot weather is quickly approaching!

Sardar & Ameena are asking for a $5,000 loan, which will enable them to install windows, a front door, flooring, stucco on the walls, and finish the electric work. With the unbearable heat approaching, we hope to give them their loan as quickly as possible so they are able to complete their house by summer. Sardar and his friends and family members will complete the construction on the home, so they will save the expense of hired labor. Sardar is confident with his ice cream truck business and the odd jobs he works, he will have more than enough money to repay the loan that will enable them to finish their home. They are so anxious to make this dream of their very own home a completed reality!




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