The Mahmoud Family

Loan Request: $5,000

Loan Use: completion of new home

Occupants in home: 6

Amount Raised: $5,000

Amount Needed: fully funded

Status: construction complete

Repayment period: 3 years (payoff: April 2012)

Family Story:

Rashed Mahmoud and his wife, Bahe, grew up in the village of Bestansur, Iraq, where they had no formal education. Rashed spent a few years in the army before marrying Bahe and building a small, two-room home. By the time EFI found them in late 2008, the couple had outgrown the space after having three children. Their home was in very poor condition with no insulation, poor electric and a leaking roof. Rashed was employed as a driver for the police force of Kurdistan and had saved enough money to complete half of a new four-room home, but needed EFI’s help to finish the project.

With the help of our generous supporters, our organization was able to raise $5,000 over the course of 2009 and loan the money to the Mahmouds by the end of the year. As a result, this family has completed the majority of their new home and now resides within a safe, sufficient house. The family has begun repayment, the funds from which will be recycled back into our organization and to our other partner families.

The Mahmouds have been left with more than a new home — they now have a place where they can build their lives with enthusiasm, confidence and peace. We are grateful to be able to tell our first success story during the first year of our organization’s existence.


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