The Khader Family

Loan Request: $5,000

Loan Use: completion of new home

Occupants in home: 5

Amount Raised: $5,000

Amount Needed: fully funded

Status: construction complete

Repayment period: 3 years (payoff: April 2014)

Family Story:


The Khaders are requesting a $5,000 loan to complete their new home. This family of five lives in a village area named Khani Spika just outside the main city of Sulimani. Their previous mud-brick home was deteriorated due to excessive rain and moisture damage. The home was on the verge of collapse. They were forced to tear it down and begin to build a more stable concrete-block home in its place. Unfortunately, the family ran out of money halfway through the construction project. With no other place to live, they are currently residing in the half-complete home with a dirt floor, no windows, and a makeshift front door.
Ali Khader owns a tractor and wagon which he uses to collect trash for the government. His work is the only source of income for this family of five. With his current salary it would take the family three years to complete their home. EFI decided we could help this family by raising the amount they need to finish the home, then collect no-interest payments over the next three years from the family.
We were able to forward $1,000 to the family in October to help them install three windows, a front door, and purchase two heaters to make it through this year’s winter season. The family was so appreciative and could not put their thanks into words. Ali kept verbally thanking God for this opportunity to partner with EFI. He said,
“I really didn’t know how my family was going to make it through the winter. What a blessing you came when you did.”
We were committed to raising the remaining $4,000 needed to help the Khader family complete their new home and thanks to donors like you we did it! Watch for pictures to come of the Khader family in their finished home.

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