The Jalal Family


Loan Request: $5,000

Loan Use: completion of new home

Occupants in home: 5

Amount Raised: $5,000

Amount Needed: fully funded

Status: construction complete

Repayment period: 3 years (payoff: April 2014)




Family Story:


Rebeen Jalal, his wife Banaz, and their two young sons are currently living in half of Banaz’s mother’s home in Sulaymaniyah — a city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The lack of adequate space for a family of this size means that all four members of the Jalal family are sharing one bedroom at this time.

The Jalals requested a $3,000 loan from EFI to help them build the foundation of their new home and install a well. We are pleased to say we were able to quickly raise the funds during the last few months of 2009, and the money was loaned to the family in January 2010. The family has requested an additional $2,000 loan to help them complete their home. This loan will be used to finish the home with stucco, tile, paint, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, electric supplies, and a water heater.

The Jalals are incredibly grateful for the support and kindness their family has been shown by EFI’s contributors. They look forward to having a yard for their young boys to play in — part of a dream they have had for many years as they have worked to save for this home. Thanks to our donors for helping us improve the lives of another family!




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