All you need to know about cat beds

Cats spend about 14 to 16 hours sleeping. It is 70% of their lifetime they sleep. There is a variety of choices on the internet, catalog, and pet stores while choosing a perfect cat bed. It may be very difficult for a pet owner to satisfy a cat. If the bed is not suitable, many cats don’t even sleep in the bed. So there are some important things to consider before buying one. If you want your cat to sleep healthily and happily in bed, you can follow this article for some interesting tips.

Amazing cat bed options

If your cat is curious about anything, then it is a good sign as it will eventually like it. So when choosing a cat bed, make sure it attracts your cat’s attention. So let’s see some of the things your cat may like in the cat bed.

  • The comfort curler is one such accessory many cats like. They are doughnut-shaped and available in almost every color. You can also choose a color that matches your house d├ęcor. Comfort curlers are made with soft fur that makes your cat comfortable when lying down. This soft fleece fur is washable and durable.
  • Cats don’t like a claustrophobic house. They like to wander, look out, and explore. If you are purchasing a cat house with bed, then make sure it has windows in it. This way, your cat can stare at you and the outside world. The window perch also comes with fur and soft fabrics.
  • Cat trees are another great accessory on the cat bed. These cat trees are attached to the top of the bed. After some playtime in the tree, they can come back to sleep in the bed. The tree is designed in a way that the cat can climb through the pole in the center. This is also a scratching post for the cat.
  • Another type of cat bed is computer perch. If you want your cat to sleep next to the computer while working, then this computer perch is a perfect choice.

How to get your cat to use the bed

Making your kitty use the bed can be quite problematic. However, these tips can help you do get your cat in the bed.

  • The spot is the main factor. Cats like to stick to their favorite spot. A cat owner knows their cat’s favorite spot; it may be the same place they sleep every day or the place they eat their food. So positioning the bed in the kitty’s favorite spot can make them use the bed.
  • A warm spot where there is moderate sunlight can make cats use the bed. Cats normally love warm spots so they might sleep in the bed.
  • Cats jump everywhere because they love heights. So you can place the bed somewhere high so that the cat may sleep in the bed.
  • Placing catnip and cats’ favorite toys in the bed can be helpful.
  • Loving and praising your cat to sleep in the bed is the best tip.

best Cat beds are available in both low and high price ranges. Therefore, choose the comfortable, soft, and warm bed to make your lovable pet happy.