Micro-finance Organization Provides Loans For Homes

Welcome to our Extended Family!  We are a nonprofit micro-financing organization that provides families in need with microloans to help build and restore their homes.  Every dollar we raise comes from private and corporate sponsors just like you who have a huge heart to serve and help the poor.

Our micro lending program is fairly simple.  We raise loans of up to $5,000 per partner family, which is in turn used towards purchasing parts and supplies for the construction process.  Although all of our work is currently focused in the Northern Kurdistan region of Iraq, our goal is to eventually help other regions of Iraq and countries in need around the world as our vision and influence expands.

Each village is very community oriented, so therefore a majority of our partners have sufficient manpower and skill to complete renovations fairly quickly on their own.  Extended Family International (EFI) oversees and manages the construction process to ensure that finances and resources are allocated properly, and sufficient guidelines are set in place to administer the loans.

As the proceeds of each loan are paid back over approximately a 2-3 year period, funds are then recycled into the form of new microloans for a new partner family.  Therefore, as more money is raised for these families over time, we will begin to have greater leverage and opportunities to serve more people in need.

Another long term goal for EFI is to send teams into Iraq that will be able to help with the construction process.  Although we are not at this point yet, it is a very realistic goal to have in mind within the next few years.  In the meantime, there are many ways that you can get involved and spread the word for EFI to your circle of influence and local community.

Please take the time to learn more about our organization and the partner families we serve.  In addition, we invite you to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback you may have as we are always eager to learn and grow from our supporters.  You are an extremely valuable ingredient to our success, and we are excited to have you as a part of our own Extended Family!

EFI enables families in need to improve their living conditions. Our organization provides families residing in substandard housing around the world with no-interest loans, allowing them to obtain adequate shelter. We believe all people deserve sufficient shelter and a place to call home.


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